2022.10.3 Release Notes
  • 13 Oct 2022
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2022.10.3 Release Notes

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2022.10.3 Release Notes

Product Features and Enhancements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1913Password Policy EnhancementsRIC
 RIC-1914UI Preparatory Work Password Policy
  RIC-1919Removal of LDAP Removal Toast MessageLDAP, RIC
  RIC-1912Removal of AD Complexity Button in Password PolicyRIC
RIC-1766Studio UI/UX for System Performance EnhancementsStudio
 RIC-1765 Studio: Allow setting activeRecordCountThreshold via the UIStudio
RIC-317RapidIdentity SafeIDWeb Security
 RIC-1515SafeID Cleanup and DeploymentSpyCloud, Web Security
  RIC-1707Use RequestID created in the initial SafeID scan to be used in all Lambda'sSpyCloud

Feature Improvements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1766Studio UI/UX for System Performance EnhancementsStudio
 RIC-322 Make Metaverse System Configuration Accessible to Tenant AdminsStudio

Resolved Issues

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1464Paging: Selecting to show more page options when not on the first page, display is bugged.Paging
RIC-1491Cancel and Save buttons remains Disabled in Workflows.Requests
RIC-1508Blank home Page is displaying in Connect module.Connect
RIC-1565Blank Logger item is created when a new logger is added - Config>General>LogsConfiguration
RIC-1649Proxy As use allows for applications to be opened via the Applications moduleDashboard, Proxy As
RIC-1741Change label on SFTP connection window in Studio from Public Key to UsernameStudio
RIC-1752Private Key field in SFTP Consumer does not allow line breaksStudio
RIC-1789Unable to delete auth registrationsAuthentication
RIC-1872Cannot Certify or Expired Sponsored Account from Notification PanelNotifications
RIC-1905Issue with bookmarking application in Proxy session with list view of ApplicationsApplications
RIC-1928Security Issue with Proxy As Proxy As

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