2022.1.11 Release Notes
  • 28 Jan 2022
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2022.1.11 Release Notes

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2022.1.11 Release Notes

Product Features and Enhancements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-823Tech DebtSecurity Vulnerability, Web Security
 RIC-689High Priority Crypto UpdatesCrypto
  RIC-794Move TestCrypt out of production codeCrypto
  RIC-787Remove 3DES-based Legacy CryptsCrypto
RIC-491Studio ImprovementsStudio
 RIC-409Update Studio Application Look and feelStudio
  RIC-673New color palette used throughout StudioStudio
  RIC-665Changes to tables - Sort arrows, remove vert lines, enable/disable iconStudio
IS-3Pull audit log data for all action ids and new fields for aam_applicationsInsights
IS-7Create and import audit log data to audit_log_other in SisenseInsights
IS-8Import Audit_log_Ext table to the sisense cubeInsights
IS-9Add school_type to person_data table in SisenseSidecar
RIC-458Add school type to idautodbGAL
RIC-786Remove legacy tables from People, Reports, Requests, and RolesPeople, Reporting, Requests, Roles
RIC-814Create/update button styles based on UX designs and apply to WCB "Add" buttonsApplications, Connect, Files, Reporting, Requests, Roles, Studio

Feature Improvements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-772Web SecurityWeb Security
 RIC-775RI Cloud Ecosystem CVEsSecurity Vulnerability
  RIC-828OWASP ESAPI Arbitrary Class Load, XSS, & XXESecurity Vulnerability
  RIC-827CVE-2021-2471: Upgrade MySQL Connector from 8.0.21 to 8.0.27Connect, Database, Security Vulnerability
RIC-807Convert Service Providers to new architectureConfiguration, SAML
RIC-825Improve new list-view drag-n-drop behaviorList view
RIC-835Remove legacy tables from Configuration ModuleConfiguration
RIC-836Improve error handling to avoid unnecessary 500 status for action processesConnect

Resolved Issues

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-823Tech DebtSecurity Vulnerability, Web Security
 RIC-689High Priority Crypto UpdatesCrypto
  RIC-688Remove IdautoPasswordCrypt and support for internal:idautoUserPassword SAML attrCrypto, SAML
RIC-496Roles: Import button remains greyed out when IMPORT ALL ROLES is enabled.Roles
RIC-538Connect: Remove Card view from Action Sets and JobsConnect
RIC-551Regression: Editing of plain text Email Templates is brokenEmail Templates
RIC-694Request >Workflow > Create New Workflow: Newly added 'Form Item' is not loading/showing on UI - edits seems to be lostRequests
RIC-708Getting an error on saving Forgot Password Policy.IDP
RIC-797Studio: Missing translations when deleting record definitions and record mappings from consumers and providers.Studio
RIC-829SonarQube: Disable access to external entities in XML parsing.RIC
RIC-833UI: Fix date GAL typesGAL
RIC-839BE: Allow valid URIs for OIDC callbackOIDC
RIC-841UI: Allow valid URIs for OIDC callbackOIDC
RIC-846Form builder autofocus is focusing on the last item in a formForm Builder, People
RIC-885Forgotten Username flow only send emails to primarySMTP
RIC-892Forgot username requires phone number with +1 prefixAuthentication
RIC-901bouncycastle dependency update broke jcifs-ngFiles

Updated on Fri Jan 28 2022 11:29:21 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

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