2022.4.5 Release Notes
  • 22 Apr 2022
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2022.4.5 Release Notes

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2022.4.5 Release Notes

Product Features and Enhancements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1115SSO Portal Communications Module v1SSO Portal
 RIC-995SSO Portal: Announcements/Communication Module | PR18SSO Portal
  RIC-1175Create shared component for Bootstrap accordionConfiguration, SSO Portal, Studio
RIC-1038SSO Portal Personalization v1SSO Portal
 RIC-980SSO Portal: Customizations by Admin | PR02, PR09, PR10, PR14, PR15SSO Portal
  RIC-997Addition of Lock Function to Persona Applications ListSSO Portal
  RIC-992Update to Application Re-Ordering Options in Admin UISSO Portal
  RIC-986Addition of Preview Button to Persona CustomizationsSSO Portal
  RIC-983Persona Customization Options in Admin UISSO Portal
RIC-1038SSO Portal Personalization v1SSO Portal
 RIC-915SSO Portal: Look and Feel Options | PR01, PR03, PR04, PR05, PR06, PR07, PR08, PR11, PR12, PR13, PR16, PR17SSO Portal
  RIC-1176App Resizing Options Menu for UserSSO Portal
  RIC-1145Remove Name from Navigation Bar on DashboardSSO Portal
  RIC-1129Font Consistency Check for UISSO Portal
  RIC-994Add Page Navigation to the DashboardSSO Portal
  RIC-993Modification of UI to reflect 'Favorites'SSO Portal
  RIC-991Update Bookmark to Favorites in Admin UISSO Portal
  RIC-981Addition of Recents Section to DashboardSSO Portal
  RIC-933App Resizing Options for UserSSO Portal
  RIC-931App Icon Design UpdateSSO Portal
  RIC-917Comfy vs Compact ModeSSO Portal
  RIC-916Dark Mode ThemeSSO Portal
  RIC-906Implement drag-n-drop reordering of application tilesDashboard
  RIC-725Replace Bookmark toggle with Favorite Icon in App DirectorySSO Portal
RIC-838Studio Jobs OrchestrationStudio
 RIC-842Add "Scheduled Jobs" to StudioStudio
  RIC-1135Change name from metaverse to idhub in the url and remove individual job routeStudio
  RIC-1134Add/Remove job to pipeline when enabled/disabledStudio
  RIC-1087Ability to select Log Level on the "All Jobs" or "Scheduled Jobs" pageStudio
  RIC-1085"All Jobs" Table LayoutStudio
  RIC-1052"Scheduled Jobs" configurations options for Schedule, Log Level, and HistoryStudio
  RIC-1051Create Context menu and Kabob for Scheduled JobsStudio
  RIC-1050Remove "Configure" and "Running Jobs" from the context and kabob menu on the All Jobs pageStudio
  RIC-1049Add link column and icon to "All Jobs" page when job is scheduledStudio
  RIC-1047"Scheduled Jobs" Table LayoutStudio
  RIC-1045Remove "Description" and "Scheduled" columns from "All Jobs"Studio
  RIC-1044Change Metaverse to "ID Hub" throughout StudioStudio
  RIC-1043New "Scheduled Jobs" page to StudioStudio
RIC-851Universal Authentication DirectorAuthentication, SSO Portal
 RIC-487Universal Authentication Director for PersonasIDP, SSO Portal
  RIC-1150Account for Universal Auth LaunchDarkly Feature Flag in UISSO Portal
  RIC-850Add LaunchDarkly Feature Flag for Persona Authentication DirectorSSO Portal
  RIC-768Spike: BE requirements to support 3rd Party Portal TypeSSO Portal
  RIC-617Add UI Support for 'Portal Type' in SSO Portal > Persona configurationSSO Portal
  RIC-616Add BE support for 'Portal Type' in SSO Portal > Persona configurationSSO Portal
RIC-1183LTI 1.0 Support for Application ModuleApplications

Feature Improvements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-700BE: Update REST Points DELETE to support accepting a bodyConnect, RESTPoints
RIC-1193GAL Item Initialization ImprovementsGAL
RIC-1214Default v Custom SMTP SupportSMTP

Resolved Issues

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1038SSO Portal Personalization v1SSO Portal
 RIC-915SSO Portal: Look and Feel Options | PR01, PR03, PR04, PR05, PR06, PR07, PR08, PR11, PR12, PR13, PR16, PR17SSO Portal
  RIC-1195Incorrect text "Favorite" displayed in Configuration screen.SSO Portal
  RIC-1152Title column name "Add to Favorites" is missing in App Directory on SSO Portal.SSO Portal
  RIC-1151Favorite icon is missing in the SSO Portal.SSO Portal
RIC-598Applications: Manage Access not working in some scenarios.Applications
RIC-824Applications: Missing translation when importing an application from a fileApplications
RIC-826People: Change Password confirmation has misleading "Cancel" buttonPeople
RIC-883Missing Translation when deleting a Metaverse Record DefinitionStudio
RIC-1167Improve Auditing and Logging around WebService AuthenticationWeb Security
RIC-1174Studio has import/export audit actions swappedStudio
RIC-1189Not able to open Bridge Details in IDB, HTTP error 404 No such AgentIdentity Bridge
RIC-1225Exclude Disabled Accounts flag not being sent for membership previewRoles
RIC-1244Plaintext Password in Connect Audit Events for Alt-ActionsAudit Log, Connect
RIC-1285Issues Accessing RI and Persona Configuration after 2022.4.5 upgradeAuthentication, SSO Portal
RIC-1287Studio WS Provider switches from POST to GET for subsequent pagesStudio
RIC-1337Not able to save Actions under Application StepsApplications

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