2022.5.3 Release Notes
  • 06 Jun 2022
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2022.5.3 Release Notes

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2022.5.3 Release Notes

Product Features and Enhancements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1115SSO Portal Communications Module v1SSO Portal
 RIC-995SSO Portal: Announcements/Communication Module | PR18SSO Portal
  RIC-1286Shared Component for AnnouncementsSSO Portal
RIC-1038SSO Portal Personalization v1SSO Portal
 RIC-915SSO Portal: Look and Feel Options | PR01, PR03, PR04, PR05, PR06, PR07, PR08, PR11, PR12, PR13, PR16, PR17SSO Portal
  RIC-1332Recents ModificationSSO Portal
  RIC-1296UI Settings UpdateSSO Portal
  RIC-1236App Name Visibility on Home ScreenSSO Portal
  RIC-1235Update to functionality of Search field on Home PageSSO Portal
  RIC-1206Profile Dropdown Menu Hover and Click UpdatesSSO Portal
RIC-838Studio Jobs OrchestrationStudio
 RIC-842Add "Scheduled Jobs" to StudioStudio
  RIC-1229Add "Run Jobs" Button to Scheduled Jobs pageStudio
  RIC-1054Change Studio API error responses throughout Studio from "Metaverse" to "ID Hub"Studio
RIC-491Studio Improvements BacklogStudio
 RIC-840Studio Backlog ItemsStudio
  RIC-1090Studio Applications Catalog: Expose Verified and Pending Flag Studio
RIC-937Studio Data Explorer EnhancementsStudio
 RIC-799Studio Data Explorer ImprovementsStudio
  RIC-1273Studio: Allow admin to export results from Data Explorer into CSV (BE)Studio
  RIC-803Studio: Allow admin to export results from Data Explorer into CSVStudio
RIC-317RapidIdentity SafeIDWeb Security
 RIC-439SafeID Compromised Credential MonitoringSpyCloud, Web Security
  RIC-1218Update empty string validation for saltPasswordHash property in SafeIdUtilSpyCloud
  RIC-1153[FF] Account for SafeID LaunchDarkly feature flag in UISpyCloud
  RIC-1077[LDAP] Add GAL support for 'idautoPersonSafeIdCompromisedDate'GAL, RICloud OpenLDAP
  RIC-1057[SCAN] Create compromised account processorSpyCloud
  RIC-1055[SCAN] Create RI cluster job to kick off SafeID scanSpyCloud
  RIC-1033Refactor SafeId security Model to use OAuthSpyCloud
  RIC-1002[CONFIG] Add new custom SafeID templates to the Templates page in ConfigurationEmail Templates, SMS
  RIC-932[DELEGATION] Expand `profiles/actions` API to accept template IDEmail Templates
  RIC-873[AUDIT] Capture timestamp when compromised account password is resetWeb Security
  RIC-870[CONFIG] SafeID Configuration Overview PageWeb Security
  RIC-589[DELEGATION] Delegation Actions should support Multiple Templates for the Send SMS and Email ActionSpyCloud
  RIC-587[CONFIG] Create API and persistence layer for SafeID Configuration (BE)SpyCloud
  RIC-586[DELEGATION] Create Delegation Action to send selected users SMS [UI]SpyCloud
  RIC-585[DELEGATION] Create Delegation Action to send selected users SMS [BE]SpyCloud
  RIC-534[DELEGATION] Create delegation action to send selected users email (BE)SpyCloud
  RIC-533[DELEGATION] Create delegation action to send selected users email (UI)SpyCloud
  RIC-528[DELEGATION] Create SafeID Delegation for new tenantsSpyCloud
  RIC-527[AUDIT] SafeID Audit logging with new action id's for scan eventsSpyCloud
  RIC-525[SCAN] Compromised Account Scan Results Summary for AdminsSpyCloud
  RIC-524[CONFIG] SafeID Configuration Templates PageSpyCloud
RIC-1163Vanity URL ExtensivityFederation, Portal
 RIC-1164Vanity URL for AISDFederation, Portal
RIC-1280Add Support for last run Status for all jobs and Scheduled Jobs (BE)Studio
RIC-1381Retry Interval UI Bug FixRI Mobile App

Feature Improvements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-317RapidIdentity SafeIDWeb Security
 RIC-439SafeID Compromised Credential MonitoringSpyCloud, Web Security
  RIC-1255Check for lastModifiedTimestamp when persisting CompromisedAccount objectsSpyCloud

Resolved Issues

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1038SSO Portal Personalization v1SSO Portal
 RIC-980SSO Portal: Customizations by Admin | PR02, PR09, PR10, PR14, PR15SSO Portal
  RIC-1263On Add Persona page, Application Panel is not collapsing in Admin UI SSO Portal
RIC-309Files: Renaming a File sidebar says "Create File" instead of "Rename File"Files
RIC-367Showing Reporting Module in ProxyAs sessionsProxyAs
RIC-881People: Footer options are not displayed/getting enabled on selecting all recordsPeople
RIC-884Connect > Project: Screen is retaining the view selected on other screenConnect
RIC-896Sponsorship attributes ignores Checkbox - "Show in Details"Sponsorship
RIC-1035BE - Attributes that use the DN are being displayed as idauto ID format in the GUI after the LDAP schema migrationAuthentication
RIC-1084Don't allow bookmarking applications in a Proxy SessionProxyAs
RIC-1211Drilldown in Audit Logging not functionalAudit Log
RIC-1268Special characters not sent in emailsEmail Templates
RIC-1281Trying to save a Studio WS Provider record definition with an invalid JMESPath expression doesn't return the detailed errorStudio
RIC-1282SSO Portal dashboard application cards no longer launch the app via keyboardSSO Portal
RIC-1302ClassShutter is preventing implementation of Java interfaces from Action SetsConnect
RIC-1347The Pictograph authentication method doesn't allow valid minimum for "Number Images to Challenge" valueAuthentication
RIC-1352Persona Not Displaying ProperlySSO Portal
RIC-1374Update button gets disabled on adding some action itemsRIC
RIC-1378Replace lingering references of 'Metaverse' with 'ID Hub'Studio
RIC-1379Replace Confluence Links with help.rapididentity.com articles*** not specified ***
RIC-1382i18n strings using literals rather than string interpolationi18n

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