2022.6.8 Release Notes
  • 08 Jun 2022
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2022.6.8 Release Notes

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2022.6.8 Release Notes

Product Features and Enhancements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1115SSO Portal Communications Module v1SSO Portal
 RIC-995SSO Portal: Announcements/Communication Module | PR18SSO Portal
  RIC-1410Update UI with BE Updates to GET all admin announcementsSSO Portal
  RIC-1409Update UI Endpoint for archiving announcementsSSO Portal
  RIC-1359Announcement Modal with no announcementsSSO Portal
  RIC-1343Announcement Recurrence Functionality SSO Portal
  RIC-1266Announcement Notification Pop Up in DashboardSSO Portal
  RIC-1182Announcement Creator for Admins [BE]SSO Portal
  RIC-1123Persona Announcements Home PageSSO Portal
  RIC-1122Announcements Actions for AdminsSSO Portal
  RIC-1101Announcement Status Functionality [BE]SSO Portal
  RIC-1098Announcement Creator for Admins SSO Portal
  RIC-1097Announcement Modal in DashboardSSO Portal
  RIC-1096Addition of Announcements Icon to DashboardSSO Portal
RIC-838Studio Jobs OrchestrationStudio
 RIC-842Add "Scheduled Jobs" to StudioStudio
  RIC-1046Add Status to all jobs and Scheduled JobsStudio
RIC-317RapidIdentity SafeIDWeb Security
 RIC-1515SafeID Cleanup and DeploymentSpyCloud, Web Security
  RIC-1512(λ) Return document_id from the SpyCloud response data to RapidIdentitySpyCloud
  RIC-1507(BE) Add logic to re-register the callback with updated Cognito token when it is refreshed hourlySpyCloud
RIC-1383Job Scheduler UpdateStudio
 RIC-1362 Update to Recurring Schedule Display for Announcements SSO Portal
 RIC-1053 Update Job Scheduler with new designStudio
RIC-1267User Agreement PolicyAuthentication
 RIC-1243User Agreement PolicyAuthentication, IDP, SSO Portal
  RIC-1397(BE) Add User Agreement functionality to the Windows Auth ClientAuthentication
  RIC-1292(UI) Show User Agreement once User has successfully logged inIDP
  RIC-1290(BE) User AgreementAuthentication, IDP, SSO Portal
AUTHNCLI-294Add Duo & SMS Authentication Web Security
 AUTHNCLI-145User can authenticate with Duo as a methodSpyCloud, Web Security
  RIC-1411(BE) Duo enrollment/ account set upAuthentication
RIC-1128(BE) Add Auth Policy Criteria for RI RoleConfiguration

Feature Improvements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents

Resolved Issues

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1220SSO Portal Enhancements v2SSO Portal
 RIC-1239SSO Portal: Announcement Center EnhancementsSSO Portal
  RIC-1535Announcement pop up showing up for incorrect personaSSO Portal
RIC-1115SSO Portal Communications Module v1SSO Portal
 RIC-995SSO Portal: Announcements/Communication Module | PR18SSO Portal
  RIC-1509Announcement BE BugsSSO Portal
  RIC-1367Start-End time attribute issues in Admin Announcement creation - API issuesSSO Portal
RIC-1038SSO Portal Personalization v1SSO Portal
 RIC-980SSO Portal: Customizations by Admin | PR02, PR09, PR10, PR14, PR15SSO Portal
  RIC-1404All Dashboard Previews should get updated as Navigation element still showing in it which is now removedSSO Portal
RIC-491Studio Improvements BacklogStudio
 RIC-840Studio Backlog ItemsStudio
  RIC-880Temp Studio Log Files not automatically deleted in the event of catastrophic errorStudio
RIC-317RapidIdentity SafeIDWeb Security
 RIC-439SafeID Compromised Credential MonitoringSpyCloud, Web Security
  RIC-1461SafeID fails to send scan summary emailSpyCloud
RIC-317RapidIdentity SafeIDWeb Security
 RIC-1515SafeID Cleanup and DeploymentSpyCloud, Web Security
  RIC-1514(UI) Remove My Team Profiles & My profile delegations from SafeId delegations scan optionsConfiguration
  RIC-1513(BE) Update the composite primary key in compromised_accounts table to use document_id instead of source_idSpyCloud
  RIC-1504(λ) Log the reason why RapidIdentity is rejecting the request from the message queueSpyCloud
  RIC-1503(BE) Update timeout for SpyCloud Scan Lambda function in the Teraform codeSpyCloud
  RIC-1502(BE) Incorrect compromised accounts data in the SafeID scan summary reportConfiguration
  RIC-1476(UI) Missing translation alerts when Compromised account SMS/EMAIL is sentNotifications
  RIC-1475(UI) Attempting to create a SafeID custom template with no message body incorrectly says it saved correctly.Configuration
  RIC-1474(UI) Attempting to create a SafeID custom template with a duplicate name incorrectly says it saved correctly.Configuration
RIC-1364Unexpected system error when saving from LTI 1.0 Authentication to any other option.Applications
RIC-1376(UI) URL Encoding for query params needs to check for nulls. Connect
RIC-1380Update Help link at bottom right to help.rapididentity.com*** not specified ***
RIC-1385Unable to access DFS shares over Identity BridgeConnect, Files, Identity Bridge, Studio
RIC-1390Duplicate applications are displayed in light/dark both mode while dragging an app when user is not permitted to rearrange AppsSSO Portal
RIC-1391Replace Identity Bridge Quick Start Guide LinkIdentity Bridge
RIC-1393Persona/Theme name gets updated with duplicate persona/theme name even after throwing error while updating itSSO Portal
RIC-1417Unfavorited recently launched app doesn't display on Recent section - SSO Module for Release 2022.5.3-20358SSO Portal
RIC-1438Connect: Folders moved and files duplicated or missing when importing a connect projectConnect
RIC-1440App Icon needs to include background colorSSO Portal
RIC-1448SafeID introduced numerous Spring dependency issues when not running with IDaaS enabledSpyCloud
RIC-1451SafeID job ProcessCompromisedAccountsJob fails to start because the Spring bean for ICompromisedAccountProcessor is not definedSpyCloud
RIC-1456No Pop Up Boundary present on Required Bookmark removal message.Applications
RIC-1465Issue with Claim Processing Doesn't Ignore Trailing Spaces.Authentication
RIC-1471HTML tags are included in the SafeID Scan summary emailConfiguration
RIC-1482Compromised Date is not being displayed in Compromised Accounts delegationDelegations
RIC-1528On Admin UI ,While updating Persona details, it remains on the same pageSSO Portal

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