2023.0.0 Release Notes
  • 01 Feb 2023
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2023.0.0 Release Notes

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2023.0.0 Release Notes

Feature Improvements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RILTS-456Prevent BE Proxy As access for non-system adminsProxyAs
RILTS-468Improve error notification for Connect jobs.Connect
RILTS-485Update auth_tokens.token_hash column to be NVARCHAR instead of VARCHAR*** not specified ***

Resolved Issues

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RILTS-427Bug Board*** not specified ***
 RILTS-474 Unicode characters not handled properly for internal Connect Action invocationsConnect, Requests
 RILTS-472 Validate Password meets password policy criteria when generating a random passwordConnect
 RILTS-467 Improve truncation of job logs*** not specified ***
 RILTS-457 Concurrency issue saving Role Memberships (static includes/excludes)Roles
 RILTS-452  Team entitlement ->Advance search-Entitlement: Loader keeps spinning in case of invalid queryRequests
 RILTS-451 Improvements for Team Entitlement pageRequests
 RILTS-450 Sorting not working for Data Classification column in RequestsRequests
 RILTS-449 Refresh button in Other Entitlement should be disabled on initial loadRequests
 RILTS-448 Refresh button working as Search in Team and Other EntitlementsRequests
 RILTS-438 (UI) Portal Role Viewer Admin cannot see Members of RolesRoles
 RILTS-437 Numbers on Dashboard Stats Extend Outside of TilePortal
 RILTS-434 BE: Advanced search not working for My Sponsored AccountsRequests
 RILTS-428 BE: Advanced search not working for Entitlements in Team Entitlement pageRequests
 RILTS-426 Requests: Newly created workflow form items can be lost by cancelling workflow form edits and then savingRequests
 RILTS-422 When Use Approver Token is used in a new workflow, it is not savedRequests
 RILTS-418 Replace Approver with Target on entitlement approvalsRequests
 RILTS-344 Print button need to be shown disabled in case of empty dataRequests
 RILTS-341 Cannot Certify or Expired Sponsored Account from Notification PanelPeople
 RILTS-330 Request ->workflow->Add Form->Edit link is not functional properlyRequests
 RILTS-329 Blank Attributes are getting saved in Role moduleRoles
 RILTS-310 Name of user in request/revoke sidebar needs correctionRequests
RILTS-289Usability Issue-On login Page unable to use TAB key to navigateMisc.
RILTS-444Bump Tomcat version to latest 9.0.69 version*** not specified ***
RILTS-454Handle unresolved Workflows expressions consistentlyConnect, Requests
RILTS-464Aggregate log files into daily run foldersConnect

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