2023.0.1 Release Notes
  • 06 Jun 2023
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2023.0.1 Release Notes

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2023.0.1 Release Notes

Product Features and Enhancements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RILTS-569Add PKCE Support to OAuth/OIDC Authorization FlowOIDC
 RILTS-568 (UI) Addition of Checkbox for PKCE EnablementAuthentication
 RILTS-557 Add Support for PKCE to Oauth/OIDC Authorization FlowAuthentication
RIC-990DUO Universal PromptAuthentication
 RILTS-506Support for DUO Universal PromptAuthentication
  RILTS-524UI: Config option for autoProcess prop added in BE (Cloud)Authentication
  RILTS-523(UI) Add New Key Names to DUO ConfigAuthentication
  RILTS-516BE: Able to login to other user's account via DUO policyAuthentication
  RILTS-514UI: Update DUO v2 to DUO v4 Web SDKAuthentication
  RILTS-513UI: Try Another Method Option for DUO v4 authentication page*** not specified ***
  RILTS-512BE: Add 'Proceed to Duo' locale string for DUO Try Another pageAuthentication
  RILTS-511BE: Persist DUO authentication stateAuthentication, *** not specified ***
  RILTS-510BE: Implementing new version for API(/authn) to support DUO universal prompt*** not specified ***
  RILTS-509BE: Create and Send Response for DUO Universal*** not specified ***
  RILTS-508BE: Handle DUO Universal Callback Request and Validate State and CodeAuthentication, *** not specified ***
  RILTS-507BE: Integration Test Cases to Verify DUO Universal*** not specified ***
RILTS-491Entitlement Option to Extend or Restart the TimeRequests
 RILTS-522 BE: Add Workflow Form Support for entitlement Extend Request Requests
RILTS-487Improvements for Entitlement Approval ProcessRequests
 RILTS-490 Add additional info on the Task Notification Card for Entitlement RequestsRequests
 RILTS-488 Add Details to Task Notifications for Entitlement RequestsRequests
RILTS-479Update Web Security Configuration to Improve Security RatingConfiguration
 RILTS-482 BE: Missing HTTP Response headers, causing a low-security scan rating.Web Security
 RILTS-481 BE: Create Integration test cases for Missing HTTP Response headers.Web Security
 RILTS-480 UI: Add default values for Missing HTTP Response headers in the DatabaseWeb Security
RILTS-358Add Search to Entitlements CatalogRequests
 RILTS-362 Add Search to Entitlements Catalog BERequests
 RILTS-361 Add Search to Entitlements Catalog UIRequests
RILTS-574(UI) Allow configuration of timezone for Connect jobsConnect

Feature Improvements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RILTS-578BE: Default timezone should be returned If user does not provide timezone while saving jobConnect

Resolved Issues

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RILTS-427Bug Board*** not specified ***
 RILTS-576 UI : Forgot Password link shows for users who do not belong to a Forgotten Password PolicyAuthentication
 RILTS-573 Extend request denied shows incorrect icon in user's My Entitlement pageRequests
 RILTS-526 NPE when processing Workflow Approval TaskRequests
 RILTS-462 BE: Forgot Password link shows for users who do not belong to a Forgotten Password PolicyAuthentication
 RILTS-430 BE: Connect Operator: JS Injection Attack via Action ArgsConnect
RILTS-358Add Search to Entitlements CatalogRequests
 RILTS-542 Request - Catalog - Grid view - Loading issue with searching the entitlement.Requests
RILTS-548Admin user is not able to request for entitlement extension on behalf of the userRequests
RILTS-558The form ID in a workflow is reused when cloned or exported/imported, impacting the copied workflow formRequests
RILTS-559The Create Element dialog in application detail configuration has no visible optionsPortal
RILTS-575BE: Apache Tomcat information is shown on error screen for bad requestsAppliance

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