2023.01.0 Release Notes
  • 03 Feb 2023
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2023.01.0 Release Notes

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2023.01.0 Release Notes

Product Features and Enhancements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-450Requests > Entitlements > Other EntitlementsRequests
 RIC-2168 Show List View of Other EntitlementsRequests
 RIC-2166 Other Entitlements is only visible for users with admin permissionsRequests
 RIC-2163 Kebab Menu for each rowRequests
 RIC-2162 Advanced searchRequests
 RIC-2161 Free form searchRequests
 RIC-945 Breadcrumbs in cloud when using other entitlementsRequests
RIC-1983Bug BoardRIC
 RIC-2152 (UI) Application Export without icons not functioningApplications, RIC
RIC-1220SSO Portal Enhancements v2SSO Portal
 RIC-1449SSO Portal: Admin Configuration EnhancementsSSO Portal
  RIC-1645(UI) Addition of Recents Toggle to Settings Menu SSO Portal
ONEMOBILE-553Enhanced iOS Authenticator AppiOS
 ONEMOBILE-554Pre-Work for Authenticator AppiOS
  RIC-2286BE- Inconsistence in brandingColor and splashBgColor value formatsConfiguration

Feature Improvements

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-2278Prevent BE Proxy As access for non-system/tenant adminsProxyAs
RIC-2284Increase default LMDB store sizeStudio
RIC-2285Give expression mappings a handle on Access GroupsStudio

Resolved Issues

Reference Number(s)SummaryComponents
RIC-1961Studio Quality of Life UpdatesStudio
 RIC-2350 Studio cannot handle flavor of OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials used for OneRoster 1.1 certificationStudio
RIC-1983Bug BoardRIC
 RIC-2307 BE(OpenLDAP): RICloud 2022-12-21: Getting error on adding a new user with "idautoPersonStatusOverrideExpiration" attribute value.GAL
RIC-2188Jumpy Columns when ScrollingApplications, Configuration, People
 RIC-2024 UI: Jumpy column widths on scrolling in Sponsored Account delegationDelegations
RIC-1983Bug BoardRIC
 RIC-2276 Can't find all Roles searching for Authentication Policy Roles CriteriaAuthentication, Roles
 RIC-2275 Form Field not associated with label for "Installation notes" field in StudioStudio
 RIC-2270 BE: Fix SSO Portal Bootstrap response to support PendoPendo
 RIC-2268 Team entitlement & other entitlement ->Advance search-Entitlement: Loader keeps spinning in case of invalid queryRequests
 RIC-2256 Refresh button in Other Entitlement should be disabled on initial loadRequests
RIC-2188Jumpy Columns when ScrollingApplications, Configuration, People
 RIC-2244 UI: Jumpy column widths on scrolling in Connect moduleDelegations
RIC-1983Bug BoardRIC
 RIC-2198 BE: Advanced search not working for My Sponsored AccountsRequests
 RIC-2139 SSO->Folders-Unable to scroll folders while moving apps to existing folder.SSO Portal
 RIC-2117 UI: Update Pendo script for SSO Portal PagesPendo
 RIC-1948 BE: Able to login to other user's account via DUO policy Authentication
 RIC-1921 Exporting all applications only exports the first 100 applicationsApplications
 RIC-1867 Request->workflow-Network API is not calling when delete any added formRequests, Testing
 RIC-1551 UI is making duplicate API calls to retrieve custom templates on Email Templates pageConfiguration
 RIC-1443 UI: Error when trying to Import Applications on Dev Tenant Applications
 RIC-1216 Connect Right Panel Save button not indicating focus.Connect
RIC-1961Studio Quality of Life UpdatesStudio
 RIC-2149 (UI) Prefix being changed in UI even after displaying the errorStudio
RIC-2253District + Campus access filters exclude the districtStudio
RIC-2273Handle unresolved Workflows expressions consistentlyConnect, Requests
RIC-2274Can't import workflow with a formRequests
RIC-2296Concurrency issue saving Role Memberships (static includes/excludes)Roles
RIC-2306UI Status Issue caused by deletion of appsSSO Portal
RIC-2318After turning on the grant support access option, user is unable to loginConfiguration
RIC-2321Validate Password meets password policy criteria when generating a random passwordConnect
RIC-2322Unicode characters not handled properly for internal Connect Action invocationsConnect, Requests
RIC-2339Java 11.0.17 broke Kerberos due to deprecate encryption typesAuthentication
RIC-2340SSO Portal gets blank and shows undefined network errorSSO Portal
RIC-2349Unable to select folder name from Move to Existing folder list- UI IssueSSO Portal

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