Configuring Let's Talk! with RapidIdentity
  • 19 Sep 2022
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Configuring Let's Talk! with RapidIdentity

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Let's Talk! is a Customer Experience Platform that purports to unify school communication, meet students and teachers where they are, and build a stronger school climate and culture. This is configurable with RapidIdentity for SAML connections as desired.

To set up for this service:

  1. In Configuration > Security > Identity Providers > Federation Partners, click SAML Attributes in the bottom action bar.
    SAML Attributes.png

  2. On the next screen, click Add LDAP Attribute.
    Add LDAP Attribute.png

  3. In the resulting pop-up, set:

    1. LDAP Attribute to mail
    2. SAML Name to mail
    3. Friendly Name to Let's Talk Email or something similar
    4. Name Format Friendly Name as a URI Reference.
      Create LDAP Attribute.png
  4. Click Save.

  5. Return to the Identity Providers > Federation Partners menu, and click Add Federation Partner. When given the dropdown, choose SAML 2.0.
    Add Federation Partner SAML 2-0.png

  6. Now click Create SAML Relying Party.
    Create SAML Relying Party.png

  7. In this menu, first expand and fill out the required details in the General section, providing the Relying Party a name, optional description, and metadata. Example provided here, but it will need to be updated with information provided by K12 Insights.


  1. Now close the General section and Expand the SSO Settings section with the following changes (everything else can be left as default):

    1. Sign SAML2 SSO Assertions: Conditional
    2. Encrypt SAML2 SSO Assertions: Never
  2. Click Save.

  3. You will now be able to communicate with Let's Talk

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