Configuring SafeID
  • 16 May 2022
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Configuring SafeID

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SafeID Configuration Options in RapidIdentity

Since SafeID is such a robust security option, it will need to be configured by an administrator to scan the correct information and send resulting reports. To configure these settings, navigate to Configuration > Security > SafeID.
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Accounts & Reports

The Accounts to Scan section is where Tenant Administrators define for RapidIdentity which Delegations and Roles, if not all, should be regularly scanned for compromised accounts. Click the dropdown arrow and click the checkbox next to each of the Delegations or Roles that should be included. Toggle Scan All Accounts to scan every account with each SafeID scan.


It helps to create a "High-Risk Accounts" Role and/or Delegation with accounts that have more likelihood to become compromised.

In Summary Reports, enter the email addresses of individuals who should receive a report via email once the scan is complete.


The Templates section allows Tenant Administrators to set up emails or text messages to notify users that their account has been compromised. Email and SMS templates are available with default messages that can be changed or added to depending on the user expected to receive the notification. SafeID supports multiple templates to accommodate different messages for different user types.

How these are set up will feed the notification process.

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