API Support Policy
  • 28 Jan 2022
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API Support Policy

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RapidIdentity API Support Policy

The RapidIdentity API Support Policy has been updated effective February 22, 2021.


Product support is provided to customers with active software licenses and support subscriptions pursuant to the terms and conditions of those agreements.

The current version of the RapidIdentity APIs is v1.0 and contains features that are generally available and ready for production use. All accessible APIs are documented and available for viewing at /api/rest/api-docs/ by authenticated users in the following roles:

  • net.idauto.admin
  • net.idauto.apiDeveloper

Identity Automation provides support for the documented API methods and properties however, our support does not include development assistance for authenticating, invoking or using them nor do we offer assistance debugging them.

When asking for API support, please be prepared to provide documentation including but not limited to logs and trace files for your attempts to debug and isolate the problem. If we are unable to diagnose a problem with an API or are able to demonstrate the API working in our environment, we will be unable to assist in resolving any API related problems further. In that event, we may suggest use of our Consulting Services to help you locate and fix the problem in your application.

In all cases, support for third party applications using our APIs must be directed to the developers of those applications directly and Identity Automation will solicit support from third party application providers on a customer’s behalf.

API Releases and Backward-Compatibility

Identity Automation provides new releases of RapidIdentity on a regular cadence and strives to maintain backward compatibility; however, breaking changes are sometimes unavoidable. As such, we will release new versions of our APIs when and if necessary to avoid disrupting existing customer integrations.

Identity Automation follows a responsible API deprecation schedule and strives to communicate any changes to our APIs well in advance of those changes regardless of the APIs’ deprecation policy. While we will provide support for older versions of the RapidIdentity APIs up until depreciation, it is important for customers to maintain currency so as to benefit from new functionality and continued support.

API Version History and Support Schedule

At this time there are no previous or future versions of the RapidIdentity APIs.

*Rev: 2/22/2021 *

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