Escalating a Support Case
  • 24 Jan 2024
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Escalating a Support Case

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Article summary

Identity Automation provides an automated way for our Customers to escalate a support case when they feel that the case requires some additional attention.

  • Escalating a Support Case via

    • Click on Support on the top menu bar of

    • Login to the Support Portal

    • Find the case you need to Escalate and click the case number to Open the Case Details

    • Click on the Escalate My Case Button on the right hand side of the screen

    • Enter the Reason for Escalation/Additional Information that will help us to better understand your needs for Escalation and click Next

    • The case will then display that it is escalated and by whom. Appropriate personnel including Support Management are then notified to address the escalation. Once the escalation is addressed the Escalated check boy and Escalated By fields will return to unchecked and blank.

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