Configuring Global Search - Requirements
  • 04 Jan 2022
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Configuring Global Search - Requirements

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The attributes used for Global Search must fulfill both of the following criteria:

  • The attribute must be in the set of GAL items configured for the following properties in the LDAP Users configuration: username, firstName, lastName, email, distinguisher, image, or mobilenumber.
    • For RapidIdentity configured against Active Directory, the following values constitute a valid example configuration:
      • username: sAMAccountName
      • firstName: givenName
      • lastName: sn
      • email: mail
      • distinguisher: mail
      • image: idautoPersonPhotoURL
      • mobileNumberAttribute: null
  • The GAL item must be searchable.
    • For RapidIdentity configured against Active Directory, the following constitutes a valid example set of GAL configuration for the above attributes:
      • username: searchable
      • firstName: searchable
      • lastName: searchable
      • email: searchable
      • With the remaining attributes either not configured or not searchable
    • In this example, the users portion of the global search will only be able to search using this set of attributes: username, firstName, lastName, email.

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