Known Issues List
  • 07 Jun 2023
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Known Issues List

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Known Issues List

Issue KeySummaryAffects VersionsWorkaround
RIC-2764Adding property is blocking user to login as System Admin using Grant Support Access2023.01.0Log In Configuration can be enabled so that RapidIdentity can act as an OIDC Relying Party. When this is enabled, System Administrators will not be able to log in via Grant Support Access. To utilize Grant Support Access, the Log In Configuration needs to be disabled.
RIC-2245Identity Bridge 2021.4.8 Blocked by Norton AV2022.10.27The agent and chisel need to be whitelisted in Norton like other AV tools.
RIC-2184Requests: Newly created workflow form items can be lost by cancelling workflow form edits and then saving2022.10.27This issue can be avoided by resetting state (going back to the Workflows list or refreshing) after adding new form items.
RIC-2183(UI) Access Groups should also filter data at field granularity2022.10.27If a consuming application identifies validation errors due to this condition, do not use the associated Restriction Filter on an Access Group. If different Restriction Filters can't be used to produce the same results, use Primary Source Filters instead.
RIC-2136Update UI to respect Localization for translation of GO! ViewThe GO! View portal name can be specified in local language but the field labels can not.
RIC-2027(BE) Neither Provider nor Consumer app will work with FileZilla FTPS server as "It appears your client does not support TLS session resumption."Studio Providers/Consumers work with other FTP solutions.
RIC-2014Ability to search for leading spaces in LDAP Filters2022.10.27Due to technical limitations, Admin are not able to search for leading spaces in the LDAP Filter. It is resulting from how the directory is configured.
RIC-1079Studio: Unable to update Provider Application Connection Base URLContact Customer Service
RIC-212Issues loading Insights Module in Safari on Mac2021.6.29To resolve this issue follow the instructions below 1. Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Disable Prevent cross-site tracking
ONEMOBILE-471Unable to approve request in apple watch when phone is locked2.4.6Apple Watch does not work with pingme notifications.
ONEMOBILE-364Unable to approve Ping request from Apple Watch2.4.6There is no workaround for approving Ping requests from an Apple Watch at this time. However, Ping requests can still be approved from the mobile device.

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