Navigating Insights
  • 26 Apr 2022
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Navigating Insights

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Using the Insights Module

Unlike the rest of RapidIdentity, Insights has specific navigation techniques that can be used within the module. These symbols usually show up upon hover for a specific widget, but some are persistent.

Jump-to Dashboard


This icon will always be visible for widgets that have a Jump-To Dashboard, or secondary dashboard, to further break down the shown data. Click anywhere within the widget to drill down into the summaries shown in this widget. Jump-To Dashboards often have filtering options of their own and various hover and click options.

Exploration Paths


The light bulb icon denotes an Exploration Path for a widget, which is a more granular view of the information summarized in the initial widget. These typically do not have filter or drill-down options.


When hovered over, this light bulb turns yellow and is clickable. Details are broken down in the resulting pop-up.

Widget Details


The Widget Details icon provides a short summary of the functionality of the current widget. This will allow you to learn more about each section and what it's showing.

Selection Kebab

Selections Kebab.jpg

Clicking this kebab menu will provide options such as Download (as an image or PDF file) or Add to Pulse. These are available at the widget level, the dashboard level, and for the Filters.

Analyze It

Analyze It.jpg

Some of the more complex graphs will allow you to disable/enable trends in a graph, see more granular information for those trends, or change the settings by which the trends are displayed. These can be altered to provide an optimal view of the information for specific widgets.

PDF Conversion

PDF Conversion.jpg

Each of the topics can have their charts exported directly to PDF for capturing system history or communicating numbers to others within the organization. This appears at the top of each dashboard and allows multiple element options upon saving.

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