How do I Get Help Logging In?
  • 05 Jan 2022
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How do I Get Help Logging In?

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If you run into authentication issues at the login screen, click the Need Help? link that appears just above the Username field. 

This will result in a screen with two options: Forgot My Username and Forgot My Password.

Forgot My Username

After clicking the Forgot My Username option, enter the email address associated with your RapidIdentity account.

An email will be sent to that account with your username that you can then use to log in.

Forgot My Password

After choosing the Forgot My Password option, you must first enter your username.

For the Forgot Password workflow, you will need to answer some Challenge questions that were set up upon your initial login. 

Once the challenge questions have been correctly answered, you will be sent to a screen where you can reset your password.


Ensure that the criteria above the password fields are met to create a new password. The system will not accept any passwords that do not match the criteria listed. 

Once this password has been accepted, you can use it to log into RapidIdentity. Click Back twice to return to the main login screen.

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