• 09 Oct 2023
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This portion of the Onboarding Journey is configuring and building the Provisioning engine that will connect to the customers upstream SIS and/or HRMS to start. Logic will then be put in place that will take that data and manipulate it to perform create, updates and disables of the accounts for the downstream such as Active Directory, Google, and/or O365. Logic will be put in place for placement of objects and attribute configuration of accounts.

People Module

The enablement portions of this section include training and understanding of the People module specifically around creating, managing, and using Delegations within the People Module. Additionally, this section includes the Sponsorship component of the product. Sponsorship is the portion of the system that allows you to create and manage accounts for systems/services or people that do not exist in the customers SIS or HRMS systems.
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Roles Module

Enablement for this also includes the Roles module. This section will train on the Roles module and how that module works within RapidIdentity and as it relates to Active Directory Groups, Google Groups, and Azure/O365 Groups. Specifically understanding how to determine which groups in which systems should be managed by RapidIdentity and how that management will happen ongoing.
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New Staff/Student Onboarding Policies

Every school district will welcome new Staff and Students to the district throughout the year. As part of the provisioning portion of your project you will need to make some decisions about how those new Staff and Students will start using their initial accounts when they are generated. A feature of RapidIdentity is the Account Claiming process which lets you enable someone to claim their new account and generate their initial password/authentication methods automatically.
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RapidIdentity Login Page Customization

RapidIdentity enables every district to fully customize their login page to meet their needs. this includes changing the logo, colors, and need help links.
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