RapidIdentity Connect - Best Practices
  • 30 Mar 2022
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RapidIdentity Connect - Best Practices

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RapidIdentity Connect - Best Practices

These are the best practices known and used by the Identity Automation Services team and are based on internal deployment standards.

Naming Conventions

Action Set

Use proper case with no punctuation. Always start with a capital letter to distinguish from Core Actions.

  • Globals
  • DBToAD

  When naming system-to-system Action Sets, use the system names.  If there is more than one system of the same type, describe it with the system type.

  • TextStaffToAD
  • ADIdautoToGoogle
  • DBStudentsToEdirAcme

  For alternate actions, use the module and action name

  • ACTMChangePassword
  • SPMCreate

For workflow actions, preface the Action Set name with "WFM"

  • WFMProvisionAccount
  • WFMDeprovisionAccount
  • WFMManageGroupMembership

For special-purpose Action Sets that act like a "function", use an "Fn" prefix

  • FnGeneratePassword
  • FnHasRecordChanged

Input Properties

Use lower case with underscores

  • key_field
  • key_value
  • log_only

Local Variables

Use lower case with underscores

  • current_time
  • default_password

Global Variables

Always start with “Global”.  Use system prefix with camel case

  • Global.adHost
  • Global.ldapUser
  • Global.armsURL

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