Release 2024.02.0 - What's New?
  • 13 Mar 2024
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Release 2024.02.0 - What's New?

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Article Summary

Release 2024.02.0 - What’s New?

Read on for a summary of the new features, enhancements, and notable issue resolutions included in the RapidIdentity Cloud Release v2024.02.0.

Notable Enhancements and New Features

Administrative Password History Override

Although it’s currently allowed by RapidIdentity, the ability to define a Password Policy that uses a static attribute value to be used as the “default password” when the user’s password is reset by the system or delegate is mutually exclusive with the ability to define a Password Policy that restricts the re-use of previously used passwords. For some districts however, the ability to define and have the system honor both the use of a static attribute value for a delegated password reset and the ability to prevent a user from using a previously used password during a self-service password reset is desired and, considered to be a unique differentiator over other systems.

The Administrative Password History Override capability allows an Administrator to configure a password policy in such a way that Delegated and System Password Resets performed on user accounts associated with that policy override the re-use of previously used passwords restriction, if set, in the that Password Policy.

For example, Pebble, a 3rd Grade Student resolves to a password policy that is configured for Administrative Password History Override. That password policy is also configured to use the idautoPersonStuID Attribute for the user’s password when reset AND Restrict Password Reuse is configured to not allow the 6 previously used passwords. In addition, the new Administrative Password History Override setting is also selected.

When Pebble’s teacher uses a delegation to reset Bobby’s password, they are able check the SET PASSWORD TO DEFAULT VALUE and leave the USER MUST CHANGE PASSWORD AT NEXT LOGIN box unchecked regardless of Pebble’s password having been set to the default value in the past. In this case, Pebble is able to login to RapidIdentity using her Student ID as her password and she is not prompted to change it. However, if Pebble does attempt to change her own password using self-service password reset then, she is unable to reuse her Student ID because it is a previously used password.


Before the Administrative Password History Override feature, the delegate attempting to change the user’s password would have received the Unable to find a password reset attribute value that meets the password policy error message.

Append to Default Value

In conjunction with the new Administrative Password History Override feature, a new, Append to Default Value, option has also been added to the Delegated Change Password Screen that, when used by the delegate, adds the provided text as a Suffix to the Default Password value.

New %timestamp% Token in Studio Delimited File Path

When rostering delimited files to target applications, it is sometimes necessary to include the Date and Time the file was created in the File Name. Beginning with the 2024.02.0 release, Studio Administrators can now add a %timestamp% token to the filename specified for the Target Application and Studio will automatically insert the file’s created timestamp in the format specified.

User Interface Enhancement: Transitioning from ‘Roles’ to ‘Groups’

In response to valuable feedback from our user community and in order to better align with industry standards, we will be transitioning from the term 'Roles' to 'Groups.' This change will more accurately reflect the functionality of the module in the Administrator Interface. Also, to provide a more seamless user experience, this will be implemented across RapidIdentity Cloud in the same manner. With this release, all references to ‘Roles’ in the UI will be changed to ‘Groups’. The placement of important links and titles will not change, in order to make the change as smooth as possible.

Does this change functionality?

The short answer to this is: NO. The longer answer is that this is only a change in the UI, and it will NOT affect any functionality in RapidIdentity. Also important to note, Administrators will not have any required action items during or after the transition. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition, please do not hesitate to reach out to your RapidIdentity Contacts or Support.

User Interface Enhancement: Whitelist/Blacklist changed to Allow/Deny

Another UI change that will take affect in this release is transition to Allow/Deny from Whitelist/Blacklist. This update was again raised through feedback from our user community.

Issue Resolutions

  • Max Password Length UI Issue (RIC-3235): Password Policy UI was showing ‘0’ when a maximum length password length was not provided in the policy settings. This was also affecting the functionality of the ‘Go’ button, as it activated based upon meeting the policy requirements. This has now been resolved.

  • Page flicker on tables with columns with varied text sizes (RIC-3136): When scrolling through a list of data in a table anywhere in the application, the screen will no longer flicker.

  • Missing Translation in Studio (RIC-3129): Translation has been replaced, and the error message no longer appears.

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