Release 2024.03.0 - What's New?
  • 25 Mar 2024
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Release 2024.03.0 - What's New?

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Release 2024.03.0 - What’s New?

Read on for a summary of the new features, enhancements, and notable issue resolutions included in the RapidIdentity Cloud Release v2024.03.0.

Notable Enhancements and New Features

Administrator Managed Folders for GO! View

As part of our efforts to continually improve the GO! View, we have added the ability for Administrators to create and customize Folders. Being able to curate folders extends the ability for an Administrator to customize the home screen for Users in a specific Persona for the best user experience.  Administrator Managed Folders are not able to be modified by the End User.

Administrators can create Folders on the Personas Customization Screen.  Clicking on the Folders section will open it.

To create a new folder, click the ‘Add Folder’ button in the top right corner.

Each folder must have a unique name per Persona, which can have up to a maximum of 191 characters. Applications are added to the folder by clicking on the dropdown menu, which will show all of the Applications that were added to the Persona. In order to be assigned to an Administrator Created Folder, the Application must be added to the Persona first.

Applications can only be assigned to one folder per persona, and once added to an Administrator Managed Folder, will be locked in that folder on the Home Screen. Administrator Managed Folders will be marked by a blue Locked Icon, and will appear as in the example below:

When clicked on, the Administrator Created Folder will open in the same manner as a User Created folder.

Localization Improvements

RapidIdentity provides Foreign Language Support within the User Interface via Localization.

In this release, improvements have been made to ensure the best experience for our Foreign Language Speaking Users. This includes revision of the default Spanish Locale, as well as additional translations provided for the GO! View.

Once the translations are uploaded into Localization, and the correct browser language is set, Users are able to view the translated Log In Flow, GO! View, and Legacy Dashboard.  

For more information regarding this how to utilize this feature, please click here.

Below are screenshots utilizing the default Spanish Translations available in all RapidIdentity Cloud Tenants.

Log In Screen:

GO! View in Dark Mode:

Classic View Dashboard:

Issue Resolutions

  • SafeID was experiencing an issue where account processing was occurring with case sensitivity. This process has been updated so that accounts are processed without case sensitivity. (RIC-3629)

  • Issue around being unable to stream Connect Jobs has been resolved, and it has also resulted in improved logging. (RIC-3489)

  • When permissions for a User in the GO! View are changed, conflicts were occurring that have now been resolved. (RIC-3240)

  • During a Password Reset, if the maximum character length was not provided by the policy, the user was experience a greyed out ‘Go’ button. This has been resolved so that the default maximum value is provided for the User, and once the password policy requirements are satisfied, the User can proceed. (RIC-3303)

  • Issue with Duo Universal Auth has been resolved. (RIC-3493)

  • In Studio, it was observed that the Target Application Active Account Threshold was not being respected. This has been resolved. (RIC-3237)

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