Retention Policies
  • 24 Mar 2022
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Retention Policies

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RapidIdentity Retention Policies

Retention policies allow System Administrators to configure which audit events are logged and, when logging into a database, how long each event will be retained before purging. These are predefined with licensing and can be edited, but new ones cannot be added.


Only System Administrators will have access to this setting. Tenant Administrators will not, so this function is specific to RapidIdentity On-Premise. RapidIdentity Cloud tenants will have the same defaults as shown below.


RapidIdentity Cloud audit log file data is retained for 90 days.

  1. First, navigate to Configuration > Security > Retention Policies. The policies are organized hierarchichally, and choosing "Inherit" results in applying whatever policy is described in the next level up.
    Retention Policies - General.png

  2. System Administrators can modify the policy configuration by clicking Edit. A sidebar will appear with a dropdown, where the options will be:

    • Always Retain
    • Do Not Log
    • Retain For (in Days)
    • Inherit
      Retain For dropdown.png

The Drilldown functionality is currently being updated. This document will reflect when it has been reinstated.

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