Roles Module - Settings
  • 21 Jun 2023
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Roles Module - Settings

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Roles Module - Settings

As an Administrator, the Roles module contains advanced configuration options in the bottom of the Left Menu Items, under Settings.

Click the Settings icon to view the menu options.
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General Settings
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Field NameDescription
Maximum Number of Concurrent Role SyncsMaximum number of Roles to sync at one time. Default value is 5
Enable Role Auto SynchornizationDeprecated feature, replaced by individual Enable Auto Synchornization on each role
Enable Role Auto-ImportDeprecated feature in RapidIdentity Cloud
Maximum Number of Roles to ReturnThe maximum number of roles that will be returned by a search. The default is no value which is not limited.
Preload My RolesDetermines if roles are loaded when a Roles tab is loaded or only when the search button is pressed.
Enable Wildcard (*) SearchesEnables or disables the ability to do wildcard searches in any section of Roles Module.
Access ControlThis is a module visibility ACL that specifies who has access to the Roles module. The administrator can select the module to be attribute-based, role-based, or have it accessible to all by selecting None. Only users who meet the ACL requirements are allowed to access the Roles module, in terms of being displayed and allowed to be utilized.
Allowed ActionsOptions checked here control the list of actions displayed when a Role is Selected in either the My Roles or Other Roles tab

Attributes allow administrators to define and assign additional RapidIdentity attributes for each Role.
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Once clicking on Attributes from the Settings menu, click on Add Another Attribute.
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  • Select an attribute from the drop-down list.

The attribute list will show values from the Global Attributes List

  • Enter a Display Name

  • Select all or some of the following:
    * Required
    * Show in List
    * Show in Details

  • Click Create

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