SafeID Webinar
  • 14 Nov 2023
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SafeID Webinar

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SafeID Webinar

September 13, 2023

Topic: SafeID

Presenter: Tracey Wilkerson, Kevin Satterfield

Description: Learn about the RapidIdentity SafeID product that helps reduce the risk of account takeovers and ransomware attacks. Listen how Arlington ISD uses our innovative solution to continuously monitor digital identity credentials for compromised passwords. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of cybersecurity risks and protect your institution.

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SafeID: The Proactive Solution for Educational Organizations

​​In today's fast-paced digital world, school districts face numerous challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. With limited resources, time constraints, and constantly evolving threats, it can be difficult for schools to stay ahead and protect their systems and data effectively.

We highlight some common challenges faced by educational organizations when it comes to cybersecurity. These include:

  • Limited Resources: School districts often lack the manpower and funds needed to implement comprehensive cybersecurity measures. This leaves them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

  • Time Constraints: Education professionals are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities, making it difficult for them to allocate sufficient time to proactive cybersecurity measures.

  • Reactive Approach: Due to limited resources and time constraints, school districts often react to cybersecurity incidents rather than being proactive in preventing them. This reactive approach leaves them vulnerable to recurring attacks.

  • Lack of Awareness: Many staff members and students are unaware of cybersecurity best practices, leading to risky behavior such as using weak passwords or falling victim to phishing attacks.

Safe ID is a great solution for companies who need to mitigate account breaches before they happen. At Arlington Independent School District, the Cybersecurity team frequently requested user reports from RapidIdentity to identify compromised accounts. This was time-consuming and did not allow for proactive measures to be taken. SafeID was implemented, and the Cybersecurity team was able to be more proactive, receiving a list of compromised accounts every week.

SafeID exposes what website was being accessed when credentials were compromised, and lists can be sent to the networking team to block the sites. In the 6 months before SafeID was fully implemented, Arlington ISD’s Cybersecurity team requested 97 user reports from RapidIdentity, compared to only 4 reports in the 6 months after SafeID was implemented, demonstrating the ease of use and the effectiveness of the product. SafeID is a great solution for any educational organization looking to be proactive and take control of their accounts.

Secure Your Accounts with SafeID: Proactive Breach Detection and Response

SafeID is an industry-leading data breach detection system that helps administrators identify and take action on compromised accounts. By leveraging the SpyCloud API, administrators can conduct scans to detect any exposures associated with their accounts. The SafeID panel allows administrators to specify which users or roles will be scanned, as well as which reports they will receive. Administrators can also create notifications to users’ email addresses or mobile numbers to alert them to the breach. This can include information about the breach, the severity of the breach, and instructions on how to protect their accounts. Additionally, administrators can use the insights feature to view detailed reports about any user’s breach exposures.

Auto lockout processes can also be set up to ensure compromised accounts are flagged and locked out. Furthermore, multifactor authentication workflows can be employed to ensure additional security and protection. Ultimately, this all ties into RapidIdentity's lifecycle management and Connect, which can be used to perform actions when an account has been compromised. As an administrator, you have the ability to be proactive and respond to compromised accounts by enforcing authentication, locking an account, or forcing a password change. With SafeID, administrators can be sure that their accounts are secure and that any potential breaches are quickly addressed.


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