• 14 Aug 2023
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Article Summary

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RapidIdentity's Insights module is a data analytics engine inside RapidIdentity that unlocks the data behind security and engagement with rich visualizations. This provides Administrators a way to determine the usage success of RapidIdentity in the following ways:

  • Provides greater visibility into resource utilization, such as the number of schools by school type, ratio of staff to students, which schools are growing, and which may not be.
  • Exposes engagement for students, guardians, teachers, and staff to show who is doing what, when and from where to demonstrate user engagement, who's engaged and who is not.
  • Identify security risks from attacks such as account takeovers.
  • Identify unused and underused resources as well as digital curriculum applications to increase user adoption.

Topic Breakdowns

Each Insights topic serves a different purpose and a different perspective of data points. This is a quick overview of each one.


The Users topic provides insights into the schools using RapidIdentity, their growth, and teacher/student ratios. It measures resource utilization, trends over time, schools by grade and by user type. Its Frequency menu shows growth with period over period displays, and offers trending for monthly growth in the Users Created Monthly widget.


The Logins topic provides insights into engagements and risks. The data here measures who is engaged with the system and who is not. This is also where you can see login attempts for users who are having problems logging in.


The Applications topic provides data into unused and underused resources and digital curriculum applications to increase user and student/teacher adoption as well as eliminate waste and recover costs.


The Inactivity topic allows administrators to see which users are unable to log in and troubleshoot those authentication issues.


The Security topic hosts the SafeID capability for your RapidIdentity system to check whether there are any compromised accounts in your system.

Pulse Alerts

This is where Tenant Administrators can manage all of the Pulse alerts that have been added and configured for different widgets.

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