Verification of OneRoster REST Consumer on the Studio Tenant
  • 10 Aug 2022
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Verification of OneRoster REST Consumer on the Studio Tenant

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Getting Started with Verification of Rest API

  1. The OneRoster REST API should be installed into the studio tenant.
  2.  Then Run the Mappings jobs for this consumer.
  3. To test via API for any Consumer Application on studio tenant, Use the URL https://[tenant name] and add the endpoints to test.
    https://[tenant name]/api/rest/studio/ims/oneroster/v1p1/schools
    https://[tenant name]/api/rest/studio/ims/oneroster/v1p1/users
    https://[tenant name]/api/rest/studio/ims/oneroster/v1p1/classes
    https://[tenant name]/api/rest/studio/ims/oneroster/v1p1/enrollments
    https://[tenant name]/api/rest/studio/ims/oneroster/v1p1/courses
    Then create the key and consumer secret for the target application. (Go to Application > Configure> Connection Settings)

  4. To test any Rest API call, Use the below configuration in Postman:
    • Select the Authorization Type of OAuth 1.0
    • Signature Method as HMAC-SHA256
    • Put the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values as configured on the Tenant.
    • Set the HTTP verb as GET.
  5. After the API trigger, The 200(OK) success response message should appear.

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