Applying Workflow in RapidIdentity Webinar
  • 05 Mar 2024
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Applying Workflow in RapidIdentity Webinar

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Article summary

RapidIdentity Workflow

February 26, 2024

Topic:  Real-World Examples of Applying Workflow in RapidIdentity Webinar

Presenter: Greg Pearson

Description: In this webinar, we will cover applying workflow in RapidIdentity to real-world use cases and scenarios.  Example use cases include privilege elevation, tying approvals into sponsorship, end-user requests, and entitlement/authorization certification.

Key Points

  • Workflow is designed for access control and handling exceptions within the RapidIdentity platform.

  • RapidIdentity Workflow allows for self-service requests and administrative control over access and entitlements.

  • RapidIdentity offers a modular approach to identity management, encompassing provisioning, governance, and lifecycle management.


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