Spear Phishing Webinar
  • 28 Nov 2023
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Spear Phishing Webinar

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Spear Phishing Webinar

October 10, 2023

Topic: Spear Phishing

Presenter: Michael Webb, Melissa Bayless

Description: In this webinar, Michael Webb, Chief Product Officer at Identity Automation, and Melissa Bayless, Director of Customer Support, discuss the growing threat of spear phishing for educational organizations and how to combat it. They delve into the specifics of spear phishing, discussing the techniques used by attackers and the possible consequences for organizations. The webinar also includes a live demonstration of their phishing protection solution, PhishID, designed to provide real-time threat detection and effortless deployment, making it a reliable safety net against human error.

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Protecting Against Sophisticated Spear Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, with spear phishing targeting specific individuals requiring attackers to use open source intelligence gathering techniques to tailor their attacks. Spear phishing typically involves creating a sense of urgency or crisis and is usually aimed at stealing sensitive data or gaining unauthorized access.

To protect against these attacks:

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is a must, as it provides an additional layer of security that can slow attackers down
  • Training users is also important, as they are usually the weakest link
  • Regularly updating and patching software
  • Using advanced threat protection

If an attack is successful, it is important to have additional controls in place to minimize damage, such as network segmentation, endpoint protection, and data encryption. Identity Automation has partnered with a company called PIXM to bring the PhishID solution, which uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to protect against all attack vectors, from email to social media. This solution is a great tool to help protect against phishing attacks.

PhishID: Protecting Educational Organizations from Phishing Threats with AI and Computer Vision Technology

PhishID is an advanced solution for detecting and blocking phishing threats. It uses artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to detect phishing attempts at the point of click and can often detect threats four or five days before traditional phishing solutions. For example, an email that appears to be from Canvas LMS but contains a fake logo, for instance, will be blocked by PhishID. The solution is deployed into the browser and can detect phishing attacks no matter the source, be it email, SMS, Teams, Slack, or other social platforms.

PhishID requires no user training and is easy to deploy in the organization. PhishID is a great safety net for human error and provides an extra layer of protection. It is also compatible with Chromebooks, Windows, iPads, and macOS and can be deployed using Google Workspaces, SCCM, GPO, Intune, or Jamf Pro.

Once deployed, it detects potential phishing threats in real-time and stops the user from interacting with it. PhishID also provides detailed reports and analytics, allowing customers to track the effectiveness of the phishing protection measures they have implemented.


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